BBC推荐:十月精彩电影前瞻 Five films to watch this October


BBC推荐:十月精彩电影前瞻              Five films to watch this October

Gemini Man 《双子杀手》

Gemini Man is a rarity: a big-budget Hollywood sci-fi-action movie based on an original concept, rather than on a superhero comic or an old TV series, even though this particular original concept is more than 20 years old. In it, a government assassin is being hunted down by his own clone. The original script was sold by Darren Lemke to a studio in 1997, and since then almost every male A-lister has been attached as a potential star. Now, at long last, Ang Lee has directed Gemini Man, and he’s used cutting-edge digital de-aging to let Will Smith play both the veteran assassin and his much younger doppelganger. In the latter role, Smith looks as fresh-faced as he did when he was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


doppelganger[ˈdɒplɡæŋə(r)]:n. 面貌极相似的人

BBC推荐:十月精彩电影前瞻              Five films to watch this October

Jojo Rabbit 《乔乔兔》

During World War Two, a 10-year-old German boy (Roman Griffin Davis) is desperate to be a dutiful Nazi, only to discover that his mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) in their house. It may not sound like the stuff of a big-hearted comedy, but Taika Waititi can make anything warm and funny, from vampires (What We Do in the Shadows) to intergalactic superheroes (Thor: Ragnarok) to delinquent New Zealanders (Hunt for the Wilderpeople). As well as writing and directing Jojo Rabbit – the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival – Waititi co-stars as the boy’s imaginary friend, a nitwitted Adolf Hitler.


big-hearted[ˌbɪɡ ˈhɑːrtɪd]:adj. 慷慨的;宽大的;洒脱的


BBC推荐:十月精彩电影前瞻              Five films to watch this October

Terminator: Dark Fate 《终结者:黑暗命运》

It’s been a long while since a Terminator sequel has been worth getting excited about. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines wasn’t up to much, and Terminator: Salvation and Terminator Genisys were both so faulty that they almost consigned the franchise to the scrapheap. So, what’s different about Terminator: Dark Fate? Well, for the first time since Terminator: Judgment Day in 1991, Linda Hamilton is playing Sarah Connor, Edward Furlong is John Connor, and James Cameron is the producer – if not the writer-director. In short, you can pretend that this is the real Terminator 3, and that none of the other sequels ever existed.


BBC推荐:十月精彩电影前瞻              Five films to watch this October

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 《沉睡魔咒2》

Here’s another chance to see Angelina Jolie with wings, horns, pointy prosthetic cheekbones, and a vaguely English accent. In 2014 she starred in Maleficent, Disney’s live-action remake of the Sleeping Beauty cartoon from 1959. The twist was that the eponymous wicked fairy wasn’t so wicked, after all, and that the real villain was the father of Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning). The sequel’s subtitle promises that Maleficent will actually be malevolent this time around, her change of heart prompted by Aurora’s engagement to a handsome prince (Harris Dickinson) with a sneaky mother (Michelle Pfeiffer). The subsequent all-out war between demons and humans looks as if it will be less fairy tale, more Game of Thrones series finale.


eponymous[ɪˈpɑːnɪməs]:adj. (书、戏剧等中的人物)与作品同名的;以……的名字命名的

BBC推荐:十月精彩电影前瞻              Five films to watch this October

Doctor Sleep 《睡梦医生》

It’s either very brave or very stupid to make a sequel to one of the greatest horror movies in cinema history, but Mike Flanagan has done it. His new film is adapted from Stephen King’s novel, Doctor Sleep, which was a sequel to The Shining. But Flanagan says that it also “exists very much in the same cinematic universe” as Stanley Kubrick’s film of The Shining, so you can expect to see blood gushing from lifts, spooky twin girls, headache-inducing carpet patterns, and plenty more Kubrickian imagery. Ewan McGregor stars as Danny Torrance, the boy with psychic powers in the 1980 film. Now a middle-aged hospital counsellor, he is chased by an evil cult led by Rebecca Ferguson’s Rose the Hat. Time to check into the Overlook Hotel?




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