壮丽70年:“中国速度”的演变 The evolving face of "China speed"




壮丽70年:“中国速度”的演变              The evolving face of "China speed" Photo taken on June 21, 2018 shows morning view of the Lujiazui area in Pudong of Shanghai, east China. (Xinhua)

The blistering pace of expansion by China's economy in the past decades has impressed the world as "China speed." Now the term is taking on new meaning as the country enters a new development phase.过去几十年来,中国经济的迅速发展让世界瞩目,被称为“中国速度”。如今,随着中国进入新的发展阶段,“中国速度”也有了新的含义。

blistering: ['blɪstərɪŋ] adj. 飞快的

The past 70 years have witnessed how "China speed" impacted the country and the rest of the world.过去70年见证了“中国速度”对中国及全世界的影响。

From 1952 -- when the earliest official national GDP data after the founding of New China was available -- to 2018, China's GDP soared 452.6 times in US dollar terms, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).国家统计局的数据显示,从1952年新中国成立后最早有官方国内生产总值(GDP)数据,到2018年,我国的GDP按美元计价暴增了452.6倍。

The true economic takeoff started after 1978 when the country began its reform and opening-up. China achieved an average annual GDP growth of 9.4 percent between 1979 and 2018 at constant prices, well above the 2.9-percent rate the world economy logged in the same period.中国经济真正的腾飞始于1978年改革开放政策的实施。1979至2018年,按不变价格计算,中国的年均GDP增长率为9.4%,远远高于同期全球经济2.9%的增长率。

The leap in the economy's global influence is evident: in 2018, China contributed to 27.5 percent of world economic growth, up 24.4 percentage points from 1978, the NBS estimates.我国经济在全球的影响力也明显提升:国家统计局预计,2018年,我国对世界经济增长的贡献率为27.5%,比1978年高出24.4个百分点。

While fast economic expansion tremendously elevated people's living standards in the world's most populous country and boosted its economic clout globally. Faster growth is becoming the new trend as China seeks higher-quality development.在中国这个世界人口大国,快速的经济发展极大地改善了人民的生活水平,提升了全球经济影响力。在中国寻求高质量发展的阶段,快速增长成为一个新的发展趋势。

clout: [klaʊt] n./vt. 影响;猛击

"China speed" is now less about the breakneck pace of GDP growth, or the sheer velocity of building roads, bridges and skyscrapers. Instead, it's more about how swiftly an economy of China's size embraces a new development approach.“中国速度”不再是注重GDP高速增长,或者追求纯粹修路架桥盖楼的速度,而是关于中国这样一个规模的经济体如何能够快速拥抱新的发展方式。

velocity: [və'lɑsəti] n. 高速,快速

壮丽70年:“中国速度”的演变              The evolving face of "China speed" Photo taken on Feb. 1, 2018 shows bullet trains waiting to be maintained in Wuhan, central China's Hubei province. (Xinhua)

For starters, "China speed" is propelled more than ever by technology and innovation.首先,“中国速度”跟以往相比更多地由技术和创新驱动。

A few clues on this front: a designed top speed of 600 kph for the country's newly minted high-speed maglev train testing prototype; the Tianhe-1 supercomputer that can compute in one hour what would have taken the entire Chinese population 340 years to process; the 5G network that can download movies within seconds.举几个例子来说明:我国新推出的高速磁悬浮列车测试模型设计最高时速600公里;首台千万亿次超算“天河一号”,运算1小时相当于全国人民同时计算340年以上;5G网络几秒钟就能下载一部电影。

The galloping technology advancement is underpinned by China's unprecedented spending on research and development, which jumped at an average annual rate of 20 percent between 1992 and 2018 to rank second in the world.科学技术大踏步前进的背后是我国在研发方面前所未有的投入,从1992年到2018年,年均研发投入增长率20%,位列世界第二。

galloping:['ɡæləpɪŋ] adj. 飞驰的,迅速增加的

壮丽70年:“中国速度”的演变              The evolving face of "China speed" Photo taken on June 12, 2019 shows the view of Guanshan Grassland at Longxian County in Baoji, northwest China's Shaanxi province. (Xinhua)

The speed of China's shift toward greener growth is equally impressive. China's per unit of economic output is obtained with 43.1 percent less energy consumption in 2018 than in 1953, and 11.4 percent less than in 2015. Instead of pursuing reckless industrial expansion, Chinese officials now show little tolerance for smokestack factories and energy waste, even if that means slower GDP growth.中国向绿色发展转变的速度也同样令人瞩目。2018年,中国单位产值能耗比1953年减少了43.1%,比2015年降了11.4%。中国的官员们不再追求无序的工业扩张,而是开始对各种冒烟工厂和能源浪费开展严格治理,就算GDP增速放缓也在所不惜。

The "China speed" in greening the Earth is leading the world and is visible from space. A study in February using data from NASA satellites revealed that China contributed to a quarter of the increase in global green leaf area since the turn of the century.环境绿化方面的“中国速度”已领先全球,在太空里都看得见。今年2月发布的一项研究用到了美国航空航天局卫星拍摄到的数据,研究显示,本世纪以来,全球绿叶覆盖面积的四分之一是由中国贡献的。

To observe it from the eyes of entrepreneurs, "China speed" is increasingly relevant to how fast the country betters its business environment and opens up its market to foreign businesses.从企业家的角度来看,“中国速度”越来越多地与营商环境的改善速度以及市场对外商的开放速度有关。

As a result of China's reforms to expand market access and cut administrative red tape, the number of enterprises in the country mushroomed at an average growth rate of 16.9 percent annually from 2012 to 2017. A World Bank report ranked China 46th worldwide for ease of doing business in 2018, up 32 places from the previous year.随着放宽市场准入以及简化行政审批手续等改革措施的实施,2012年到2017年,我国企业的数量以年均16.9%的速度激增。世界银行《2019年营商环境报告》评价,中国营商环境世界排名46位,比上年提升32位。

In particular, China is moving fast to share more development opportunities with foreign firms. The negative list for foreign access to business sectors is shortening year by year, new pilot free trade zones have been launched across the nation in just a few years, and once heavily-restricted domains such as finance are being opened up at a non-stop pace.值得一提的是,中国在与外国企业分享发展机遇方面行动也很迅速。外资准入负面清单在逐年缩短,新设的自由贸易试验区在几年之内已遍布全国,曾经严格受限的金融等领域也在以势不可挡的速度对外开放。

Behind the new face of "China speed" is the country's all-out efforts to pursue national rejuvenation, a vision that can not be realized without a modernized economy that entails better quality, higher efficiency, more robust drivers of growth and opening-up on all fronts.在“中国速度”的新面孔背后是我国追求民族复兴的不懈奋斗精神,没有优质、高效的现代化经济,没有更加有活力的增长动力以及全面改革开放,民族复兴就不可能实现。

By downshifting its GDP growth and demonstrating a new understanding of desirable speed, the country shows to the rest of the world that it favors not economic dominance, but economic sustainability, which makes structural reforms and shared, win-win development a requisite in a highly connected global economy.通过调低GDP增速并对理想增速有了新的认识,中国向世界表明,我们追求的不是经济主导,而是经济可持续性。在这个高度互联的世界经济中,要实现经济可持续性,就要实行结构性改革,追求共赢发展。

Recasting an economy as large as China's takes time and courage, but it is a critical battle that China must and can win. The evolution of "China speed" has proved how far the country has come and will continue to bear witness to this journey.为中国这样规模的经济体重新设定发展方向需要时间和勇气,但是,这是中国必须也能够取得胜利的一场战役。“中国速度”的演变已经证明了我们取得的成就,也将继续见证我们未来的发展。



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